P3 Kill A Watt Ps 10 Surge Protector


P3 Kill A Watt Ps 10 Surge Protector

$ 99.95
Now you can protect your valuable electronics and find out what they are actually costing you. Simply connect these appliances into the Kill A Watt PS-10 and it will assess how efficient they are while the built-in surge protection keeps them safe. Advanced features such as over current over voltage and no load detection provide clean safe power to your expensive equipment.;Check the quality of your power by monitoring Voltage Line Frequency Amperage KWH Current Leakage and more. Now youll know how much power your entire computer or home theater system is using. With the innovative Kill A Watt PS-10 youll have peace of mind in more ways than one.

10 Outlets

  • Advanced Surge Protection Circuitry

  • Soft Power-up Eliminates Harmful Voltage Spikes

  • Displays Max and min Volts

  • Measures Amps Watts Pf & Leakage Current

  • Light-up Power Switch

  • Backlit LCD Display

  • Emi Filter Reduces Noise

  • 6-ft Cord With Flat-profile Plug